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Ritter Insurance Broker expanding as a franchise

Ritter Broker, an insurance brokerage company founded in 2010 with 100 percent Romanian capital, has announced that starting this year it will implement a franchise system in order to offer quality services nationally, by offering clients in cities where the insurance brokerage system is less developed the opportunity to benefit from insurance policies, pillar III private pensions and leasing offers that are carefully selected for their needs.

Ritter Broker works with 27 insurance companies, 3 pillar III administrating societies and 10 financial and operational leasing companies, and it can offer over 1,000 financial products to potential clients. These products will be available for the future partners of Ritter Broker in the franchise system.

Besides a large portfolio of financial products, readily available following discussions and analyses with collaborators, Ritter Broker also provides vast know-how, combined with the possibility of selling some customised premium products conceived together with leasing and insurance companies to satisfy the diverse needs of clients.

“Ritter Broker franchise holders will benefit from the advantage of working as an insurance broker together with the franchisor, who holds vast experience in the sector, managing its large range of products and transforming this activity in a standalone business, with an annual recurrence that will depend only on the franchise holder’s to professionally interact with clients in its portfolio. As you probably already know, to become an insurance broker, you need to comply with some complicated financial and legal conditions, and you have to go through a serious procedure to be authorised by the Financial Supervision Authority,” said Alexandra Bratescu, Sales Director at Ritter Broker.

Among the advantages the future Ritter Broker franchise holders will benefit from are access to RB’s client database, the same standards imposed by RB, no difference regarding offers from international insurance companies, access to various projects in the insurance market through their collaboration with RB, timely payments and complementary services to insurance policies which will help them increase their revenues.

“We are offering a business system, a model that is appropriate for those who want to develop and remain independent at the same time. The franchise is build on modules that can be developed depending on the area and the chosen partner. We see the partnership with Ritter franchise holders on the long and very long term, where we can both benefit from each other’s experience and develop a strong team,” said Catalin Vasile, CEO of Ritter Broker.

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