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Additional Services offered by RITTER Broker

Private pension pillar III
Optional private pension is a way to save for the period after retirement. According to the Tax Code, the deductibility granted to persons who choose to save for the period of the pension is up to 800 euro / year (400 euro / year for the employee’s own contribution + 400 euro / year for the employer’s contribution on behalf of the employee — granted as a benefit).

We offer optimal financing solutions for both financial and operational leasing.

The goal is to offer clients, legal entities, authorised individuals and individuals, optimal financing solutions for leasing.

Financial Advantage: We rely on the trust and professionalism relationships built with our clients and that’s why we want to always bring new services to meet their needs. Collaborating with us offers you flexibility, cost savings and consulting services at the highest standards.

Efficiency: Save time and money. Our team will negotiate for you both the contractual terms and the price of the vehicle / equipment you want at no cost.

Safety: If you are using our services, you don’t have to worry about the possibilities of fraud, deception or other costs related to leasing contracts.

Cost: We do not charge any fees from the beneficiary for the services provided.

Tutoring/training people who want to work in the field of insurance distribution/brokerage

RITTER - Broker de Asigurare si Reasigurare SRL

RITTER - Broker de Asigurare si Reasigurare SRL is a 100% Romanian capital insurance brokerage company offering brokerage, consulting, assistance services and financial analysis of each potential client according to its necessity.

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